Monday, April 6, 2009

Haikus for April- First 7

April 1st
- a phone rings nearby, will she answer or deny, waits to hear her voice...

April 2nd
- stands tall and lovely, a rose with her head up high, I'm tempted to touch.

April 3rd
- rain borders the sky, trapped inside where I reside, waiting for her rays.

April 4th
- the sight of her eyes, magnetically drawing me, lost in her hazel

April 5th
- out the womb he came, alone as the day of birth, Happy Day of birth..

April 6th
- 2-2 brand new age, the rain stops the sun awakes, turn the page of life..

April 7th
- going to Japan, who could it be but me kid, date August 3-1

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