Monday, April 6, 2009

Haikus for April- First 7

April 1st
- a phone rings nearby, will she answer or deny, waits to hear her voice...

April 2nd
- stands tall and lovely, a rose with her head up high, I'm tempted to touch.

April 3rd
- rain borders the sky, trapped inside where I reside, waiting for her rays.

April 4th
- the sight of her eyes, magnetically drawing me, lost in her hazel

April 5th
- out the womb he came, alone as the day of birth, Happy Day of birth..

April 6th
- 2-2 brand new age, the rain stops the sun awakes, turn the page of life..

April 7th
- going to Japan, who could it be but me kid, date August 3-1

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bars from my cipher on Charles Hamilton's blog

comin down faster than speedy gonzalez, you dudes stand to the side how can you critize this. Its JDot Lew, contagiously spreading like the flu
haha, guess there is a char. limit,
if there wasnt, u know your boy would straight for a minute
but thats ok I'll hit enter and replenish,
and jot some more hotness until god tells me im finish
sorry I left you hanging PA, I had to take a shower,
lol my shorty hit me on the cell saying she coming in a hour
lol if only that was the truth,
i havent been out in years, stayed couped up in this booth
maintaining my realness
with substance you gotta feel this,
its Friday 13th and im on Resident Evil 5 tip,
spreading like a virus, no antidote, your doctor cant prescribe it
hold on a sec, let me on go on and rewind a second
2 day ago me and my boy were cyphering, i reckon
on a facebook post,
all hot flames if you got too close to the screen your face would roast
yo for the record, im naruto to a track,
release the beast and i got nine tails out my back
dont know who that is, go to google and type his name,
brb gotta go to EB and buy that RE5 game
yo i get it in with all 4 elements of hip hop
im a bboy, bussing tops as soon as the beat drops
with a 6 step times 2 like a 12 step plan,
blink for a second then im in the air on my right hand
im back again, told you im never leaving,
i got internet everywhere, in the library, I got people screaming
stay posted upon this here blog,
spitting the bars waiting for sonic the hedgehog
i was bored for a second, now i got some to do,
go in on the cipher online like 3w
everything i drop is a straight bomb
like that little white dude on my snes flow,
grab a controller lets see if you can go toe to toe
not a imac, but i still fuxs with apple,
tell the kids im the boss with wordplay like scrabble
and that a 13 pointer,
girl on her knees in front of me with my dic i will anoit here
her not here, but does this anywhere
so please no hosility,
i stay behind my bars like a detention facility
dismiss em like the last call,
no im not CH but i stay up in Viper Hall
hell rell, dipset with the red letting fire out the cage,
ill write you some -ish that goes longer than this web page
without a casting call, they say i fit the main picture,
this is my life, i dont need no damn scripture
not religion, i talking about words in a movie scene,
falling for this trap, getting ****ed more than this hole in between
her two legs, call my boy up tell him to bring to bring 2 kegs
next week is saint patty day and i aint even irish
but im get wasted, then im looking for ur highness
OMG... I got blocked because only 60 post per hour.... anyway back on my hustle,
lifting my bars i spit, watch me rip like a muscle

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last Night's Cipher

Any one wanna cipher?

i can do online , good chance to keep gettin my bars up, lol
like the nutty professor and his snickers
even when I bench press lol

so pass the bars like a group of aspiring law students... so we can go and rip this literature together like truants...

Lol so bad like TO' season which got him playing for the bills... Ironic cause he not gettin that much pay with the new team lol

but Im still trying to raise the bar, I guess u could say I'm high jumping or pole vaulting .. shut down you dudes before you get to could kill me but thoughts would still be rather so haunitng

Lmao wow I was that bad I guess... Like people goin through stress with the economic crisses that young girls can't buy prom dress

flow like a female at the time of the month... if i only see red... than what must i be amongst... nevermind my nirvana im tryin to find my eternal peace, my names not hank mccoy but to these villians imma beast... and u can get grease like ur pops old jeans... i hope they not grey or else i got tha sentinel beams... im so fly even a storm couldn't touch the cloud nine of my esteem... this aint an arms race... he fell out boy, its just a scene

haha i spit fire like a munched on a flower.. time to get big, wheres my mushroom power, fly like i got a feather and my p's all charged... forget bowser.. imma capturing the princess with words... call these structure bars my koopa tower...

Red, red, red I see.

Everywhere from stop signs when drivin to the button u press to get off the phone, red the color of evil, love, passion and fire... How can a color be used for all sorts of feelings but yet understood...for wat is intended

Red, red, red I see.

red like the blood when you slice your veins.. the kid is going in kinda hard , i bet you feel the pain..insane, but they can't label it.... i control my own destiny, I guess I fabled it.. and im too legit, u know how they say too legit to quit, that why I don't stop, I follow through with the hit.. a light toss of her hips phase you dudes when I spit.. but let me fall back cause im chillin with your girl and she catch more balls than baseball mitts..

haha too legit to quit... guess i got my brothers suit on throwing hammers.. dodging bullets...seeing these balls and chains bitting like they trying to put me in the slammer(chomp chomp).. i got a bat that'll get me to home base quicker than a-rod on the juice, have ur girl on her knees like shes shining my shoes... saying she use to carrying more nuts than peanut chews.. i suggest u save her before u become the detroit lions and lose... got her feeling like barry mantelow... singing to me "i cant smile without you"

welll since ur on the mario tip, I'll guess I play Sonic.. rhyming at 2:25 am, the fuel is gin and tonic.. take a swig of this and I feel like I theres nothing I can't demolish.. the kid is shining bright thanks to this dear ol' polish.. the same one your chick used to shine your shoes.. I paid my dues and obey the rules, so I guess that makes me part of your fraternity, brotherhood for eternity.. but rather no thank you.. no one can stop my gadget flow, I'm the Cool track 2... when I sneeze i say achoo, guess im allergic to doo doo, half of the crap on the radio sound fakes like voo doo.. but I probably wont make it in the game, so I'll go sit in the corner and cry boo hoo.. sike

blah blah blah wateva

"I can't smile without you" is what she is singing when she is thinking about the next dude on line.
Dudes walk around saying they got a girl on her knees but they fail to acknowledge is the queston "Is she gonna do this with another dude when she leave here or does she have oral herpes that she is speading on my pipe line.

That's is why these STI's are spreading to all my people, which causes us not to shine...

hahaha.. i've get u a napkin.. don't cry a river justin... im switch to my sega flow.. this my genesis and heres my introduction... flow on my light dash like tht hedgehog... the savior or the one bent for destruction, had to snoop around a little, since the girl wanted a sensual seduction, bring perfect chaos where my emeralds im in for an adventure... open ur heart, im super sonc fly.... forgot what i was saying..temporary dementure... and u can say ur hello goodbyes like ur flows track 15 of tha cool... ur girls van halen, hot for teacher.. and im taking her to school, blow a kiss.. like amy to sonic.. i dont even recognize the fool...

STI, Do you mean STDs, looked down on my pipe and I screamed oh geez

oh geez.. no bumps... guess that should teach lil old me.. lookin for tha trojans like i got confused at usc

and your girl screaming for the lion, I guess I'll rhyme P-S-U. woke up the next morning she left a note P.S. I love you..hahaha we're still going... Im still on my sonic flight... dudes wanna fight with sword but this aint the black knight. when it comes to sonic, I can go all night.. O-D on my secrets rings and let the speed mend it, or take it back to sonic 2, damn tails was always a dependant.. its getting late, so i guess i gotta fast as if this was sonic x, some many re-inventions I wonder what sonic next... what more can i say, this cipher has been tons of fun..way different that the trash they carry like sandford and son

Lmao... Yall are hilarious..... Sexual transmitted infections is what I meant. I got my human sex prof passing out lifestyles so that we could vent.

magic shoulda used them when sleeping with those groupies vut then again he sung "it was just one of those days"

and fninally for a grand finale like when u collect all those emeralds... give me fifty rings and ill turn into the general.. nah.. i'm scared to even have just one... guess i never liked it, not puttin a ring on it... we're done.. imm more of a silver type, using my mind to wreck havoc, turn my heart into a gift for the world, and u could have it, nicknamed me dwight howard, cuz i'll surely bring the magic..just frustrate me when she bugs me.. like out my hat im pullin out a rabbit(wish it was but to u two i must say adieu to this cipher... cuz truthfully i finna flow like a person pouring apple cider... back to my green hill zone where my super speed all began...this is my exous, but im not marley....guess i'l blow this all until i end...

and when you exit dont forget to free the animals at the end of the stage... now look wat you done when u press the red button on the cage, the beast is unleashed.. got me feeling enraged by night but by day i stay speedy.. with the flow, Im the pistol like petey.. you know the ol 44 on the green and blue, can't believe im still spitting, its almost 3:42. I'm Arthur surrounded by all these annoying D.W.s, laughing cause I aint got a deal, but why yall cameras rolling on joey and a girl as if yall were dolla dill..thats a inside joke on the JBTV..soulja boy, Im nicer than him, y dont you believe me..haha, but look out below, im coming from beneath, sonic adventure nobody stops knuckles feets, climbing the charts as if they were boulders, im like wine, I get better as I get older, probably heard that before, but dont expect me to say it, my experience is the truth like siegel just play it.

It was already pretty dope, IMO. way to pass time lol

Remember me lol

you may not remember me but watch me go in
with the lyrical flow of the Mississippi that you float in
around 4 this morning, i just got out of a cipher
woke up, and back at it again with bars that are hard to decipher
without the help of enigma
my skills are quite the stigma
that will stick to your brain from now until novemba
not clef Jean
Im poison like phyton
bringing harm to humanity where ever I spit on
yo Sonny_B you may not remember me
so here I come at your door with a special delivery
justcheese5, jpopforums does that jog up your memory
if not, its wateva
like cise starr and nujabes, im coming light as a feather
not here for beef, its Lent, you know this aint the season
I just wanna cipher with our flow with no particular reason
haha, with so many overseas flow, u might as well commit treason
and resort to Japan
its been so long like m-flo, so just follow my hands
minus the the pen and the paper
its all off the top of the head when i rhyme across the equator
or typing in front of a computer screen
my brain is on fire, pull off the hat so you can see the steam
so follow the flow from epik high to emi hinouichi
i see you poppin over there on the west coast, why didnt you introduce me
but 私は知らない人
im from philly, you from CA where they got starts like danny devito
ladies and gentleman, round of applause please
from the east to the west, two dudes that can flow japanese
me and Sonny_B on the mic watch us go toe to toe
naturally, im 4 hrs ahead
spitting while you in bead
so rest up, joe lewis got his best up
not coming at you just letting you know that you got next up
wack mc's I 食べちゃった
now watch how throw up light like diamonds as a refractor
and thats just circles without a protractor
u can say i got yall head spinning
pass it off to you kid, its the bottom of the 9th inning..

I digress

Monday, March 2, 2009

Always Writing so Late

Oh what we do have here seems I found my identity
just got out of hell and it seems the fire got into me
just 2 nights ago i was chillin with CH
awesome, something your hate can't replace
考えないでmy words just keep spilitin
through your head
destructo- disc よりyou could say im straight krillin
get your japanese up to understand what i just said
tell me y my mind always comes alive when its time to go to bed
i go off the top without the pen or the lead
no graphite just these keys like w-a-s-d
you couldn't see my rhymes even if you facebooked me
(pause- currently doing laundry brb)
ok im back, 15 minutes later
still going off my head as if i was darth vader
tell me y I feel I am hated by the female race
but still im their fathers - someone to keep them in place
haha, joe is that you what u call it
i could have sworn you were a loser upon which they would vomit
possibly, I can't say that has never happen before
but i still love 'em because their presence brings light to my core
which is forever so dark
forever so cold
thats why I put this screen that cant be touched like a blackberry bold
but bring the storm and you could feel me
when the lyrical water flows stay away for you safety
unless you got that oil and think you can displace me
face me never
my bars are just too cleaver
got more service than at&t and verzion if you put them together
my thoughts will foreva stay dark like stormy weather
until I find that pot of gold thats worth to treasure
and your love would be my rainbow
its about i start to lay low
its 3:09 and its time to off like when u cut the cable.

wateva, I like smashin keys
This facebook note might become my 3rd blog

Also, is this ironic? Apparently, I give relationship advice lol, but I have never been close to being in one...hmm

enough late night writing...seems like that is the only time I choose to off when you kids are asleep.

Sweet Dreams little ones.... I digress.... peace.

note to self: it could help if my bars flowed my uniformly, I need an expert opinion on this ( CH what do you think, lol as if he would ever read this) or would he!!????

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Losing his Identity

So he guesses he is losing my identity
gazing at a puddle of his rippled imagery
Can't comprehend right with slight awkward flow
if u vibin with the kid tell me, i need to know
cause he pressures me at times feel like imma break
until the bell ring and I blast out the schools gate
but that was elementary

was he aware of his identity?
that answer he may never know
but if he was it might have changed the current joe

Never been able to tell if you're into him
pursue you too hard u can tell by his pen
even though he's into her
he often can't step outside of the line like steve kerr
I thought he would change but this seems to be infinity
feeling confused he guess he is losing his identity
Who is this that he sees in the mirror
reflections distorted, no way to make it clearer
I remember in the past he could write something that would bring shorty to tears
pretty sure he still can, but his heart seems cold and its been so many years
don't let me start counting it
he's held it in too long, now he gotta fountain it (lol)
too nice, feeling higher than everest
always writing at night, I wonder if he ever rests
im just a third person point of view
of a this kid who often sit under you
he always seems to onto something
overthinking -ish until someone push stop button
so bear with him, like he said he losing his identity
don't know if you could tell recently
but anything he had to say he chose to vent to me
and who am I, his facebook wall
how ironic, he stays hidden but he writes this so you see it all


Got creative on this one, started in first person, switched it halfway, so i decided to switch the whole thing


In attempt to escape the danger, I put on my suit and become the unstoppable Power ranger shootin baddies with my laser. Now word is out, and its traveled about, and in attempt to stay secluded, I have done the opposite, and now I can't get out of it


Time for Bed. Charles Hamilton on Friday. F-ing Awesome!!!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

LET ME BLACK...LOL (well wasn't that awkward)

Oh no, look what we started again
u put the key in the ignition and started the kid
driving down the road and we starting to skid
time after time, it seems I can fall for the wrong bid
like a bad seller on ebay
im in the middle of the freeway
wandering between traffic
wondering why must I always bring so much havoc
its tragic
i would like to think its magic
before u slammed it , u balling like the mid-atlantic
I like to be cool in my own world at most times
if u could follow the flow, i move earthquakes like fault lines
and thats fine
this whole verse is quite sublime
subliminal at that
written with a bunch of hidden facts
amazing myself how i go in sometimes
I guess u could that something is on my mind
is it you or is it me
but i do know that Im drowning within this sea
see, if you could save me and watch the fire re-kindle me
like G
talking about that gatorade
u looking like u just swallowed some hater-ade
haha, kinda weak and I know it
saw u on the floor, but i was too shy to show it
so finish me like mortal kombat scorpion
when Im so high
sent you the message but no reply
so let me black with no rewind
take a sec and read between the lines
which was only suppose to be 16
but now its 15
plus 20 and i guess this is one more
so do the addition
and you could see the signs like preminitions
RAWWWR. I writing like a dude who is on a mission
trying to stop my hands typing with no end in vision
look over my lines and provide a revision
im not hating, the choice is your decision

lol. why must I always go off with lyrics. Tie the knot there. *shakes head*
look its 2:43 a.m. *goes to sleep to hamilton music*

Holla at me, its all cool... just need to black like one's lung when smoking those cools (u know the cigarette company cools or wateva... I don't smoke, how would i know lol.)

Im such a fool -____________-

>_< good nite ^_^

peace v(-_-)v