Friday, March 13, 2009

Bars from my cipher on Charles Hamilton's blog

comin down faster than speedy gonzalez, you dudes stand to the side how can you critize this. Its JDot Lew, contagiously spreading like the flu
haha, guess there is a char. limit,
if there wasnt, u know your boy would straight for a minute
but thats ok I'll hit enter and replenish,
and jot some more hotness until god tells me im finish
sorry I left you hanging PA, I had to take a shower,
lol my shorty hit me on the cell saying she coming in a hour
lol if only that was the truth,
i havent been out in years, stayed couped up in this booth
maintaining my realness
with substance you gotta feel this,
its Friday 13th and im on Resident Evil 5 tip,
spreading like a virus, no antidote, your doctor cant prescribe it
hold on a sec, let me on go on and rewind a second
2 day ago me and my boy were cyphering, i reckon
on a facebook post,
all hot flames if you got too close to the screen your face would roast
yo for the record, im naruto to a track,
release the beast and i got nine tails out my back
dont know who that is, go to google and type his name,
brb gotta go to EB and buy that RE5 game
yo i get it in with all 4 elements of hip hop
im a bboy, bussing tops as soon as the beat drops
with a 6 step times 2 like a 12 step plan,
blink for a second then im in the air on my right hand
im back again, told you im never leaving,
i got internet everywhere, in the library, I got people screaming
stay posted upon this here blog,
spitting the bars waiting for sonic the hedgehog
i was bored for a second, now i got some to do,
go in on the cipher online like 3w
everything i drop is a straight bomb
like that little white dude on my snes flow,
grab a controller lets see if you can go toe to toe
not a imac, but i still fuxs with apple,
tell the kids im the boss with wordplay like scrabble
and that a 13 pointer,
girl on her knees in front of me with my dic i will anoit here
her not here, but does this anywhere
so please no hosility,
i stay behind my bars like a detention facility
dismiss em like the last call,
no im not CH but i stay up in Viper Hall
hell rell, dipset with the red letting fire out the cage,
ill write you some -ish that goes longer than this web page
without a casting call, they say i fit the main picture,
this is my life, i dont need no damn scripture
not religion, i talking about words in a movie scene,
falling for this trap, getting ****ed more than this hole in between
her two legs, call my boy up tell him to bring to bring 2 kegs
next week is saint patty day and i aint even irish
but im get wasted, then im looking for ur highness
OMG... I got blocked because only 60 post per hour.... anyway back on my hustle,
lifting my bars i spit, watch me rip like a muscle

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