Sunday, January 11, 2009

Last wind of creativity

no where to start just let me begin
off the top of the cabeza
go hard like vodka without the chaser
working harder than mexicans for that pesa
my bread steadily rise like yeast
with this sound i'm a beast like sonic unleased
kapeach, get it right and no mistaking it
this might be my last wind of creativity, I thought I would save it
for a time like this...hold on let answer this im
I hate the distractions when I'm about to dive in
on this beat while the flow is still strivin
ride it like a surf , tubular sensation
god forget to edit me so now look at his creation
straight monster on the track
on my naruto -ish with nine tails out my back
spitting rhymes on my facebook notes or blogging, Imma straight terabyte
u dudes is kilobytes
bunch of girls at a slumber party have pillow fights
surprising me like DId I do that
like erkel im strapping you down with suspenders
no one is messing me I have no contenders
breakin you fender or your windows like Sullivan
your boy is a monster, i already said you dont want none of him
or better yet ichigo in a state of a hollow
i make your food hard swallow
last wind of creativity and I'm blowing
still flowing like the ocean that you row in
or the sea
blinds rappers this is something u cant see
In philly, Im channel 10 bring the N
B, C how I straight confuse your thoughts
but that was one of my old lines from a week ago
let me explain it for you unleaded dudes like texaco
B is what I call you and C how im bringing the N
the last count, don't even bother to get up to defend
i spaz without a beat, I feel its more creative
more path to take, online typing, I hope I dont forget to save this
Last wind of whatever, you dudes already know
I might not get the chance to spit for another week or so
back to school mode
down this same road
its the last time to travel
last semester of college, watch my game unravel
i stay colder than ice cream cakes by cravel
lol, i just had to say that, it came like a premonition
typing for the last 15 min with no end in vision
wait on the contrary, here it is, i'll be nice son
end it here while I'm in the prime like number that only divide itself and one
my lyrics stay running im a prime time runner like LT 21.
Click publish man, this -ish is done.

I'm back like I forget something, I'm something that you cannot hang with
like with hanger without the top of it.

lol, im out peace, good nite.

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