Friday, January 30, 2009

Little more than a quick 16

My bars are everlasting
red marks in my book because its the color of passion
always dress fresh take a look at my fashion
sweater, polo, jeans, dunks, no colors are clashin
I'm my own kid in this game but they want to compare me to Charles Hamilton
I don't mind the comparison but it rather quite embarrassin
don't misunderstand me , CH is my dude
but when you sets labels, i think its pretty rude
to box me in and not see why I still love Her
and by her, I mean Hip Hop
spitting ammunition lethal like danny glover
whether its written or coming from tip top
and to yall females, I love yall to death
but stop with games before I take my last breath
my dudes be like, "yo Joe calm down"
don't let these girls give you the ring around
but I been lonely for too long so sometimes I can't help it
and to the chick from two days back, I shouldnt had felt it
Im sorry but now I must vent it
I hate disrespect, as a kid, ur ass must not got belted
this aint referring to you unless your name starts with m
and the rest of the name rhymes with THE END

WWOWOWOWOW I'M BACK, HAHA Let me end on that.
I'm on my Naruto tip ( haha,)
Had to let the monster out of the cage

*Note: Like Naruto, I can be highly explosive at times when my inner beast is let out. This may be in the form of my lyrical beast but never in a physical attack (like Naruto would). I guess that make me the lyrical version of Naruto. Sorry if anyone felt disturbed by my lyrical montrosity.

Back to my calm, collected, determined self more like Shikamaru (I guess).

Lol, enough with the Naruto metaphors. Watch some japanese anime or manga, if you don't get it.
It's all love, v(-_-)v peace .

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