Thursday, February 19, 2009

LET ME BLACK...LOL (well wasn't that awkward)

Oh no, look what we started again
u put the key in the ignition and started the kid
driving down the road and we starting to skid
time after time, it seems I can fall for the wrong bid
like a bad seller on ebay
im in the middle of the freeway
wandering between traffic
wondering why must I always bring so much havoc
its tragic
i would like to think its magic
before u slammed it , u balling like the mid-atlantic
I like to be cool in my own world at most times
if u could follow the flow, i move earthquakes like fault lines
and thats fine
this whole verse is quite sublime
subliminal at that
written with a bunch of hidden facts
amazing myself how i go in sometimes
I guess u could that something is on my mind
is it you or is it me
but i do know that Im drowning within this sea
see, if you could save me and watch the fire re-kindle me
like G
talking about that gatorade
u looking like u just swallowed some hater-ade
haha, kinda weak and I know it
saw u on the floor, but i was too shy to show it
so finish me like mortal kombat scorpion
when Im so high
sent you the message but no reply
so let me black with no rewind
take a sec and read between the lines
which was only suppose to be 16
but now its 15
plus 20 and i guess this is one more
so do the addition
and you could see the signs like preminitions
RAWWWR. I writing like a dude who is on a mission
trying to stop my hands typing with no end in vision
look over my lines and provide a revision
im not hating, the choice is your decision

lol. why must I always go off with lyrics. Tie the knot there. *shakes head*
look its 2:43 a.m. *goes to sleep to hamilton music*

Holla at me, its all cool... just need to black like one's lung when smoking those cools (u know the cigarette company cools or wateva... I don't smoke, how would i know lol.)

Im such a fool -____________-

>_< good nite ^_^

peace v(-_-)v

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