Thursday, February 26, 2009

Losing his Identity

So he guesses he is losing my identity
gazing at a puddle of his rippled imagery
Can't comprehend right with slight awkward flow
if u vibin with the kid tell me, i need to know
cause he pressures me at times feel like imma break
until the bell ring and I blast out the schools gate
but that was elementary

was he aware of his identity?
that answer he may never know
but if he was it might have changed the current joe

Never been able to tell if you're into him
pursue you too hard u can tell by his pen
even though he's into her
he often can't step outside of the line like steve kerr
I thought he would change but this seems to be infinity
feeling confused he guess he is losing his identity
Who is this that he sees in the mirror
reflections distorted, no way to make it clearer
I remember in the past he could write something that would bring shorty to tears
pretty sure he still can, but his heart seems cold and its been so many years
don't let me start counting it
he's held it in too long, now he gotta fountain it (lol)
too nice, feeling higher than everest
always writing at night, I wonder if he ever rests
im just a third person point of view
of a this kid who often sit under you
he always seems to onto something
overthinking -ish until someone push stop button
so bear with him, like he said he losing his identity
don't know if you could tell recently
but anything he had to say he chose to vent to me
and who am I, his facebook wall
how ironic, he stays hidden but he writes this so you see it all


Got creative on this one, started in first person, switched it halfway, so i decided to switch the whole thing


In attempt to escape the danger, I put on my suit and become the unstoppable Power ranger shootin baddies with my laser. Now word is out, and its traveled about, and in attempt to stay secluded, I have done the opposite, and now I can't get out of it


Time for Bed. Charles Hamilton on Friday. F-ing Awesome!!!!!!

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