Monday, March 2, 2009

Always Writing so Late

Oh what we do have here seems I found my identity
just got out of hell and it seems the fire got into me
just 2 nights ago i was chillin with CH
awesome, something your hate can't replace
考えないでmy words just keep spilitin
through your head
destructo- disc よりyou could say im straight krillin
get your japanese up to understand what i just said
tell me y my mind always comes alive when its time to go to bed
i go off the top without the pen or the lead
no graphite just these keys like w-a-s-d
you couldn't see my rhymes even if you facebooked me
(pause- currently doing laundry brb)
ok im back, 15 minutes later
still going off my head as if i was darth vader
tell me y I feel I am hated by the female race
but still im their fathers - someone to keep them in place
haha, joe is that you what u call it
i could have sworn you were a loser upon which they would vomit
possibly, I can't say that has never happen before
but i still love 'em because their presence brings light to my core
which is forever so dark
forever so cold
thats why I put this screen that cant be touched like a blackberry bold
but bring the storm and you could feel me
when the lyrical water flows stay away for you safety
unless you got that oil and think you can displace me
face me never
my bars are just too cleaver
got more service than at&t and verzion if you put them together
my thoughts will foreva stay dark like stormy weather
until I find that pot of gold thats worth to treasure
and your love would be my rainbow
its about i start to lay low
its 3:09 and its time to off like when u cut the cable.

wateva, I like smashin keys
This facebook note might become my 3rd blog

Also, is this ironic? Apparently, I give relationship advice lol, but I have never been close to being in one...hmm

enough late night writing...seems like that is the only time I choose to off when you kids are asleep.

Sweet Dreams little ones.... I digress.... peace.

note to self: it could help if my bars flowed my uniformly, I need an expert opinion on this ( CH what do you think, lol as if he would ever read this) or would he!!????

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