Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Remember me lol

you may not remember me but watch me go in
with the lyrical flow of the Mississippi that you float in
around 4 this morning, i just got out of a cipher
woke up, and back at it again with bars that are hard to decipher
without the help of enigma
my skills are quite the stigma
that will stick to your brain from now until novemba
not clef Jean
Im poison like phyton
bringing harm to humanity where ever I spit on
yo Sonny_B you may not remember me
so here I come at your door with a special delivery
justcheese5, jpopforums does that jog up your memory
if not, its wateva
like cise starr and nujabes, im coming light as a feather
not here for beef, its Lent, you know this aint the season
I just wanna cipher with our flow with no particular reason
haha, with so many overseas flow, u might as well commit treason
and resort to Japan
its been so long like m-flo, so just follow my hands
minus the the pen and the paper
its all off the top of the head when i rhyme across the equator
or typing in front of a computer screen
my brain is on fire, pull off the hat so you can see the steam
so follow the flow from epik high to emi hinouichi
i see you poppin over there on the west coast, why didnt you introduce me
but 私は知らない人
im from philly, you from CA where they got starts like danny devito
ladies and gentleman, round of applause please
from the east to the west, two dudes that can flow japanese
me and Sonny_B on the mic watch us go toe to toe
naturally, im 4 hrs ahead
spitting while you in bead
so rest up, joe lewis got his best up
not coming at you just letting you know that you got next up
wack mc's I 食べちゃった
now watch how throw up light like diamonds as a refractor
and thats just circles without a protractor
u can say i got yall head spinning
pass it off to you kid, its the bottom of the 9th inning..

I digress

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